There’s something really satisfying about food that is somehow simple, yet stuffed with love.

Eat My Pies is all about cooking with passion, taking pride in providing something straightforward, and doing it really well.

Eat My Pies was born from an obsessive love for Great British food, a hunger for simple, high quality and tasty ingredients; not to mention an intimate understanding of modern British tastes. We find great joy in the huge range of flavours available in the wonderful City of London and revel in the playground of possibilities they provide.

Scotch Eggs, Pork Pies, even the classic Custard Tart, are all noble dishes that have been rehashed, reconstituted and reduced to junk food by the flavourless march towards mass production. Eat My Pies are on a mission to return these dishes to our hearts (and tummies) thanks to the great cooking, affection and care they put in to every dish they create.

We’re here to make Great British food available to the Great British public, so come seek us out and let us help reinstate your faith in the Great British Classics.